Bringing your North East Website Design ideas to life!

I build clean, functional websites which add value to your businesses and projects.  #northeastwebdesign #northumberlandwebdesign #northeastwebsitedesign #northumberlandwebsitedesign

Bringing your web design ideas to life!

How can I help you?​

I can BUILD you a website

I can build you a new bespoke website to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a blog for producing great content, a local business page, a landing page for your new product or an online ecommerce shop/store I can help.

I can UPDATE your website

I can update your existing website. Whether you need more functionality such as a contact or payment form added, images and content updated, upgrading to mobile responsive website design or upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS I can help.

I can FIX your website

I can fix issues with your existing website. I can fix the layout or functionality of your website no matter how small or large the issue. Whether you have broken links, broken contact forms or a broken layout I can help.

I can HELP you with EXCEL

I am adept at Microsoft Excel so I can design, update or fix your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for both personal or business use.

A little about me

Wayne Neesam Web Designer and Developer from Cramlington, Northumberland

My name is Wayne Neesam and I am a Website Designer / Developer from Cramlington, Northumberland.  My main focus is working with small, local North East businesses where I can give them the kind of advice and attention they require at reasonable prices.

I consider myself to have high standards as I like to ensure that everything I do is just right. Maybe I am a bit of a perfectionist but there’s nothing wrong with that, right?  The main thing for me is that you come away with a website that is ‘fit for purpose’‘suits your specific needs’ and ‘adds value’ to you and/or your business.




Customer reviews

Real life reviews will help you chose who the right person is to build your local business website for you so why not find out what people say about me?  You won’t be disappointed!

Check out my work

Feel free to check out the some of the website work I have done for other local businesses in the North East. 

Technologies used

Northumberland Web Design with HTML


Northumberland Web Design with CSS


Northumberland Web Design with JavaScript


Northumberland Web Design with jQuery


Northumberland Web Design with PHP


Northumberland Web Design with MySQL


Northumberland Web Design with Bootstrap


Northumberland Web Design with WordPress


Northumberland Web Design with Woocommerce


Northumberland Web Design with Ecommerce


Northumberland Web Design with api Integration

API Integration

Northumberland Web Design with Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Northumberland Web Design with Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

Northumberland Web Design with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel