Climate Action Wansbeck - Local Ashington, North East Web Design Project

Climate Action Wansbeck

Climate Action Wansbeck are a community-driven unincorporated organisation dedicated to tackling environmental issues and climate change in the Wansbeck and South East Northumberland area

Climate Action Wansbeck have been active for a while and have an active Facebook group however they felt the time was right to have their own website so that they can keep the local community up to date with everything that they are doing to tackle environmental issues and climate change in our area.

The brief was to supply a website which was low maintenance whilst also being ‘dynamic’ so that the committee members could actively add updates about their events and anything else they felt relevant. The final solution was to create a ‘static’ website that does not need updating but to get the ‘dynamic’ functionality we embedded ‘Google’ documents into various parts of the website which will show any updates as as and when they are updated.

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